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Smart Octopus Discovers Electricity T-Shirt

Smart Octopus Discovers Electricity T-Shirt

Smart octopus discovers electricity T-Shirt design on a variety of colors.

There’s something about octopuses that makes them seem otherworldly. Perhaps it’s their eight unblinking eyes, or their ink-squirting abilities, or the fact that they can twist and contort their bodies in ways that would make a human cringe. Whatever the reason, these creatures have captured our imaginations for centuries.

And it turns out they’re pretty darn smart, too.

In recent years, octopuses have been the subject of a number of studies that suggest these animals are far more intelligent than we give them credit for. For instance, researchers have found that octopuses can learn to open jars, navigate mazes, and even unscrew caps off bottles.

What’s more, octopuses have been known to use tools. In 2009, scientists observed an octopus using a coconut shell as a shelter from the rain. And in 2016, another octopus was caught on camera using a rock to smash open an oyster for dinner.

But perhaps the most impressive thing about octopuses is their ability to camouflage themselves. These creatures can change the color and texture of their skin to match their surroundings, making them nearly invisible to predators and prey alike.

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  • Octopuses are extremely intelligent, with a large brain for their body size. This octopus is so smart that it discovers electricity with the "help" of an electric eel. Evil genius? Definitely, not a pet octopus.

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