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From the client’s website:

“The Latino Nutrition Coalition (LNC), Oldways’ educational program that strives to inspire Latinos to improve and maintain their health through embracing their traditional food culture and by promoting active lifestyles, just launched its brand new website.

Both the look and content of the site were redesigned to better address the needs of the growing Latino community who regularly visit www.latinonutrition.org. “We are very excited about the new site,” said Kezia Frayjo, LNC program manager. “Our goal is to become the go-to place for all things related to Latino nutrition. We have new recipes, free downloadable worksheets, interesting articles, specific information for health professionals, tools for everyday grocery shoppers, and much more!.”

In addition to adding more useful practical tools to the new site, the graphic elements of the new site were a key factor in the redesign. The LNC turned once again to Dyango Chavez, a talented freelance print and web designer based out of Boston, for his expertise in the area of graphic marketing to the Latino community. Dyango, who hails from Cuba, redesigned the Camino Mágico booklet for the LNC. His amazing design and grasp of illustrative communication made the new Camino Mágico brim with more culturally relevant and gorgeous food illustrations. The LNC team decided to ask Dyango to translate that particular look to the new website as well.

“My goal for the design of the LNC website was to create a space for the family, where they could find the type of foods that our parents and grandparents in Latin America used to cook at home: traditional, fresh, hand-made,” said Dyango. “That idea was the inspiration for the ‘grocery bag’ look, a metaphor for a container of traditions, health, and delicious foods—a warm, playful, and well-researched source for finding recipes, advice and inspiration for a healthier lifestyle.”

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    Oldways and the Latino Nutrition Coalition
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    Web templates for the Latino Nutrition Coalition new website
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